MDW 2018

Happy Memorial Day!

Today was full of enjoying my morning toasted marshmallow & vanilla with Bailey’s (on weekends) latte (homemade by my super sweet husband!) watercolor painting then editing on Photoshop, going to Trader Joe’s for some groceries with my hubby, and then grilling and hanging out by the pool for the rest of the day 🙂 it was a mighty fine way to start the week and a truly magnificent “Mon-YAY.” If only every week started out with a Monyay! Here are some photos from my weekend 🙂

We watched Solo at the theater this Friday – it was good! although it had been a really long day and we ate some delicious dinner beforehand, so I hate to say that I fell asleep through maybe the most important parts of it :/ I’ll have to watch it again once it comes out! Altogether though it was a really good movie, and cool to see an earlier side of Han. On a side note, I love that in LA in lots of movie theaters you’ll go to, you will see real costumes from the movies! 
This was cray! Definitely a bug of some sort – just look at the screen…
We had to get our cars serviced, so we had a really awesome brunch at our favorite breakfast place in Sherman Oaks – Blue Jam Cafe. It’s soo good!
Here is Gandalf, my sweet kitty who is actually sitting between me and my laptop right now! 
This weekend I took some photos of seed jewelry that was handmade by artisans in Brazil, in the city where my husband is from. What do you think? 
I’ve never been to England, and don’t know much about English food, but Sunday I decided to make us an English style breakfast, possibly in honor of the Royal wedding a week late. It was delicious! 
My neighbor gave me these lemons this weekend from somebody who grew these organically at their house – they are so BIG! Literally the size of an orange, and larger than my palm. They are just gorgeous ❤
My darlings outside 
and to end the long weekend off right, here is a photo of my sweet Gal chilling by the pool this afternoon 🙂 

Well, thanks for stopping by!

Rainy Day Wear

It seems like it has been rainy all over the country these past few days – from the east coast, the midwest, and right here in Los Angeles it has been cloudy and just a little bit drizzly. It is actually cold right now in LA! In the spirit of overcast weather, here are a few rainy weather ideas to get you excited to go outside and splash around.

This adorable retro style umbrella from Kate Spade includes a side of humor. Bonus: You can stick your head all the way up to the top and still be able to see where you are going! Three cheers for functionality! I also love the cheerful poppies on this colorful umbrella! This one folds up, so it’s easy to stick in your bag.

I actually adore the camo mixture on this rain parka and poncho from Herschel Supply Co.

Although there are a lot to choose from, these may be my favorite colors of Hunter boots – they make me happy just looking at them!

They also have a collaboration with Target that I’m definitely going to have to check out – and you should too!

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DIY Spice Jar Labels


Hello All!

I just wanted to share a DIY that I did after cleaning out my spice rack on Saturday. It was overflowing with spices and really needed to be organized! I have several spices that were bought in bulk and therefore in large containers or baggies. I have been saving my empty spice containers so I decorated these lovely containers to have new life again 🙂

Here’s what to do to make this DIY at home. 


  • An empty spice container
  • Paper (I used plain white scrapbooking paper)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • A glue stick
  • Stamps & an ink pad
  • A marker or pen
  • Washi tape (optional)


First of all, wash out your empty spice containers and make sure they are completely dry. Measure the width of the previous label and the length (all of mine ended up being 2 ½” wide x 7″ long). Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a straight line down the length of the paper. Cut it out and start stamping to create the background of the label. I used some stamps that I got from A Beautiful Mess Messy Box subscription and ink that I bought there as well. 


Practice on some scrap paper to perfect the design. I measured the width of one side of a bottle to know how big to make my letters and then practiced it a few times before writing it on my stamped paper.


I wrote the name of my herb or spice on the front, with a little sketch of what the herb looks like. 


When you’ve finished stamping and writing on your paper, spread glue with the glue stick on the back of your stamped paper and place the front on first, then wrap it around the bottle. I secured mine with washi tape for a cute statement on the back and also to help keep the paper sticking. 


So there you have it! Doing this craft made me feel extremely satisfied to be using old spice jars for a new use, and making them cute in the process! One thing that would be nice to add would be a layer of modge podge or some type of varnish to protect the paper while you are cooking with it in the kitchen. Thanks for reading! xo Carissa